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Why buy from us?
Why buy from us?

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What Customers Say About Us

  • review rating 5  Love the soft breads and delicious cakes. The staff are friendly and accommodating. Way better than most bakeries I have patronized in the past. My go to place now! Keep up the good work! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    thumb KT N

    review rating 2  Bread is nice. But to order their burger buns and sausage buns are up to them. Sometimes they sell sometimes they don’t. Sometimes you can order for next day pick up, sometimes you need 2 days in advance. Inconsistency. Wasted the time to drive all the way down but they don’t seems to want to sell you.

    thumb Y C
  • review rating 5  Outstanding boutique neighborhood bakery. The bread sold here are well-differentiated from most other bakeries, and of better quality and taste. Ham & cheese bread, garlic bread, and sundry tomato bread are some of our favourites. Will definitely be trying their different loaves of breads (e.g. banana walnut, ciabatta, rye, etc) and many other types of bread on offer.

    thumb Cheong Yew Ng

    review rating 5  The chewy bun, custard bread , pork floss cheese and ham ,donuts are Super delicious and chewy. Would highly recommend those staying near to try oishi pan and you would be surprised that they have the best bread and uniqueness .price is reasonable . Really must try. I used to like lavender charcoal bread but now I try their chewy sesame bun I like it so much .

    thumb Fiona Ng
  • review rating 5  Got the German sourdough, earl grey with cranberry, and the sundried tomato salty bun. Sourdough has good flavour and is soft and chewy with a crispy crust, should be even crispier when toasted. Very good value for sourdough! Earl grey cranberry is also soft and fragrant and the cranberries are throughout the bun (not just where you can see them). The sundried tomato salty bun (vegan? Vegetarian? Had a green dot next to the price label) tastes exactly like its name, tho the sundried tomato is more like a slight sauce inside the curls of the bun. Still delicious and satisfying! Plus they are a BYO bakery! Friendly staff too πŸ‘πŸΌ

    thumb janice gan

    review rating 4  TL;DR: The bakers are continuously trying new formulations and tweaks to existing recipes. So, lots to try and re-try! Cool!πŸ‘πŸ‘ Update Sept 2018: My new favourite- Charcoal nut casia. It has 3 types of nuts- almond, walnut and pecan in charcoal bread, savoury. Has a hint of garlic bread in it. Best eaten fresh. Update Nov 2017: Tried new breads: flaxseed cranberry- you can taste the mix of flavours, they complement quite well; oh, did I mention the cheese in the middle? πŸ˜‹ sesame peanut- πŸ‘; Tried taste sample of Christmas 2017 offerings- Tasty, and not too sweet … No spoilers here!! πŸ˜‰ Still love the Castella original; also the ham cheese donut (cream cheese … 'nuff said). Updated Sep2017: Current favorite: Margarina French πŸ˜‹ New Offering and the current Rage: Castella cake with variations of original, chocolate, cheese, green tea. πŸ˜‹ Updated June2017: Gotta try (🌟🌟) Cranberry loaf; Orange brioche; Poolish baquette (weekends only); Banana cake; Garlic bread; Fruit rye loaf; Sesame walnut; Sun-dried tomato Foccacia; Potato loaf; Honourable mentions ⭐. 🌟>Five grain loaf. Tasty, with a slightly crunchy thin crust. Heavenly smell ( I got it off the rack, still warm)☺. ⭐>green tea anpan (adzuki) bun. tasty, not too sweet. They use anpan paste & beans imported from Japan. πŸ‘ 🌟>The matcha melon bun is very fragrant, and kind of sweet 😜 because of the icing sugar on top. 🌟🌟>Try the Poolish baquette- baked only on weekends. After chewing it a while, the aftertaste is heavenly! 😝 🌟>Banana chocolate bread- you can taste both, but esp the choc; it's sweet. good for a sweet tooth! 🐹 🌟>Honey wholemeal. Nice, not sweet at all. Soft bread. Hint of the honey. 🌟> Japan Sweet Potato bun. Nice purple soft bread, has yellow sweet potato filling with chunks of sweet potato peeking through the bun! Now has Cheese innards!! 🌟🌟> Fruit rye loaf (rye bread with walnut, orange peel, fruit bits). Crusty with a body of mixed texture. Nice.πŸ‘ 🌟>Pumpkin red bean bun- red bean with piece of pumpkin. 🌟🌟>Orange brioche. Ahhhh, nice, with bits of orange. 🌟🌟> Cranberry loaf. Nice sized loaf, tasty wiith the cranberry giving flavour. Update: now comes with cheese innards. Ahhhh!! the best combi!! 😝 🌟🌟>Sun-dried Tomato Foccacia. 🚌 likes it; just like pizza in a bread. ☺ Update: now there's also Sun-dried Tomato salty bread. πŸ‘ 🌟🌟>Banana cake- tasty, spongy cake. 😝 >Red date bun. 🌟🌟>Garlic bread. to die for. 😝 🌟>Prune loaf. Uses a levain starter, similar to the wholemeal baquette; apparently takes a longer ferment, like the Poolish baquette. Bread with a mouthful of real prune! 🌟🌟-> Potato loaf. sampled this. chewy, faint taste of potato. Crazy yummy!! 🌟🌟>Sesame walnut. This is great texture and taste. Can eat this for a main meal, in place of rice! πŸ‘ -> The green tea loaf- premium flour, different from the green tea anpan bun (which uses normal flour). -> Luo Han Guo loaf- soft and chewy like the honey wholemeal.

    thumb Hob
  • review rating 1  This barkey place two signboard which mention $1 bun is totally misleading which non of their bun are $1. This is obvious not right. Sort ppl to boycott their business. Thou some loaf of bread taste good.

    thumb Zpop88G

    review rating 1  Got a whole strawberry tart for a birthday while in Toa Payoh. Got the shock of my life when we cut it open and the whole cross section was crust. What little thin layer custard/cream that was on there tasted off. This was pretty deceptive on their part, everyone knows what a fruit tart should look like, and this wasn’t it. Would recommend if you want to eat a biscuit instead of a tart.

    thumb Gabriel Tan
  • review rating 3  I like their sundried tomatoes with sea salt bun: very nice but a bun at $2.40 quite exp. Now 2.50 I think they should take away their $1 signboard showing outside. It's really misleading.

    thumb Lex Lim

    review rating 5  One of the great gem in TPY ! Walked past this bakery countless time and i never really noticed it because of its corner location. I have been missing out...So glad to discover oishipan and its now my go-to bakery! Enjoy their quality bread and the staff are always helpful πŸ™‚ So far, have tried the following and recommend: 1. German Pudding custard is not too sweet and the crust is done nicely. must try! 2. Sun dried tomato bread highly recommend! 3. Earl grey cranberry bread for those who enjoy a light tea infused bread, this is a great choice. Love the softness of the bun and taste better when its toasted πŸ™‚ 4. Banana chocolate bread this is good, not to sweet. 5. Banana Cake hmm not very sweet and the texture is more like sponge cake. Not to my liking as I prefer the traditional banana cake texture & taste. 6. Japanese Donut This curry bun is really yummy!

    thumb MT