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Oishi Pan Bakery revolves around the heart and soul of the traditional Japanese baking techniques with modern technology. All pastries are made using high-quality flour imported from Japan and premium butter. Plus, all our bread selections and cakes are not added with preservatives and artificial fillers.

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Best Japanese Bakery in Singapore

Chanced upon this bakery a few months ago and didn’t think too much of it as it looked like “just another bakery”.

A major mistake would have been made if I hadn’t stepped in that day. They have a wide variety of bread available, though I usually get the same few (the ham and cheese loaf is a personal favourite). It’s now a must visit when I’m in the area.

Rong Jia Lau

I chanced upon this bakery at a little corner of toa payoh when my boyfriend and I heading to Hawker Chan for the one Michelin star soy chicken noodle.

After lunch he asked if I could bake a cake for afternoon tea, but I decided to buy Castella cake from this shop. The cake was fresh from oven and still hot, lots of people buying the chocolate flavour, but we were rushing for time and decided to get the original one instead.

When we had our first bite with our afternoon coffee, it was heaven. We really love this simple cake.

Cheryll Goh

Probably the best bakery ever.
Artisanal high quality bread with quality and healthy ingredients. Exceptional skill and products!

I’ve been eating bread from this bakery for about a year now, for almost every other meal. They’re one of a kind. Went on a trip to Australia, tasted and tried bread from different bakeries there, and yet my minded still ended up missing Oishi Pan’s bread, while in Australia. Imagine that – missing their humble bread in a country home to native bread eaters and swarming with bakeries!

Alexander Soo

Got the German sourdough, earl grey with cranberry, and the sundried tomato salty bun. Sourdough has good flavour and is soft and chewy with a crispy crust, should be even crispier when toasted. Very good value for sourdough! Earl grey cranberry is also soft and fragrant and the cranberries are throughout the bun (not just where you can see them). The sundried tomato salty bun (vegan? Vegetarian? Had a green dot next to the price label) tastes exactly like its name, tho the sundried tomato is more like a slight sauce inside the curls of the bun. Still delicious and satisfying! Plus they are a BYO bakery! Friendly staff too

Janice Gan

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Many times, finding wholesale bread that does justice to the menu may be challenging and a struggle for many great cafes and restaurants in Singapore.

We specialise in supplying wholesale bread and pastry to local cafes and restaurants at a great price!

As we continue to serve more clients with high-quality bread to their customers, we strive to leave the best impression for them to come back for more.

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We Cater The Finest Artisan Bread and Pastries

Planning a wedding, festive celebration or household event? We want to be part of your joyous occasion! 

Specializing in decadently delicious cakes, bread and pastries, Oishi Pan Bakery is available for catering!

We offer mouth-watering homemade delicacies such as bread, pastries, cakes and more!